General Idea of the Conference

Currently the cloud and SDN technologies are making steady progress and the implementation of each technology is being made by service providers and business users, which are utilizing them in the business, and by the vendors and manufacturers, which are supplying solution and products.

Additionally, in technology, as they are called SDI (Software-Defined Infrastructure), cloud technologies such as orchestrators or cloud OS and network-control software technologies are integrated into one field technologies and being developed for users to utilize as one technology.

Okinawa Open Laboratory, a General Incorporated Association is a unique research institute, which is continuing the open “technology development, building and operating the test-bed, human resource development and their communication,” which is rarely seen in other organizations in any other countries.

As one of these activities, we hosted the international conference “OKINAWA Open Days 2013,” as the place to supply the information on SDN technologies including OpenStack and OpenFlow, among the hot topics of the field and to have an open discussion and supply information.

We had the two important conferences “OpenStack Day,” and “SDN Japan” simultaneously in Okinawa, where total 500 people have come not only from Okinawa but also from other districts and other countries, regarding the event as a valuable event to have the lectures and discussions of the themes related to both OpenStack and SDN, which had been discussed separately.

We plan to improve the integration between Cloud and SDN technologies and make the conference an occasion to supply the information to the world and supply the place for the participants to extensively communicate and discuss with each other in an open manner. The conference is held as “OKINAWA Open Days 2014” on the 11th and 12th of December.

We are going to organize the following program of “OKINAWA Open Days 2014,” in order to realize the above concept.

Prgram organization integrating the cloud technology (OpenStack) and the SDN technology
We have completely integrated the programs of “OpenStack Day” and “SDN Japan,” which were held separately during the conference in 2013 and have a speech and a hands-on tutorial on the following two themes for each target group.

[General Track] (for Decision makers, marketing directors highly utilizing and interested in ICT, and engineers demanding cloud/SDN technology) Speeches on technology trend, case studies, or the direction of the industry (both domestic and international)

[Special Track] (for engineers highly trained in cloud/SDN technology, who hope to further improve the skill) hands-on tutorials for technical knowledge and case studies

International Exchange
As an international event, an environment is prepared where all programs of general tracks can be presented in English, in order to invite numerous international, especially Asian participants.

Additionally, key members of Open Stack Foundation, ONF(Open Networking Foundation), etc., the major communities in the field of cloud computing/SDN are invited as the guests to have an opportunity to communicate directly with the people of cloud/SDN community. We hope to help the participants to establish the direction and policy in utilizing the cloud/network, R & D, and international development through the “Okinawa Open Days 2014.” We are looking forward to your participation in the event.

Yukio Ito, Chairman
Okinawa Open Laboratory, a General Incorporated Association

General Information

Hosted by: Okinawa Open Laboratory, a General Incorporated Association
Held on: 11th (Thursday) and 12th (Friday) of December, 2014
Site : Okinawa Jichikaikan(Asahi-machi, Naha, Okinawa)
Number of Participants: 500 (expected)
Charge: Free (Prior registration is required.)
Banquet: 18:00- on 11th December, 2014 (Thursday)
in Okinawa Jichikaikan(5,000 JY :planned)